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Quality Control

A. Environment
Environment of production is the priority for product quality. The environment of production is regularly tested in accordance with quality management procedure to prevent the environment from being polluted and affecting the quality of the medicine. In order to guarantee sound environment of production, The pharmacy workshop completely accords with the requirements of GMP.

B. Equipment
Any equipment related to the production of medicine, ranging from major machines to a screw, has a decisive influence upon the quality of medicine. Rongsheng selected the first-grade production equipments and made strict operation and maintenance plans. The machines are regularly examined to ensure the normal operation of the production.

C. Raw materials
In order to guarantee the product quality from the origin, Rongsheng implements montoring to the material choosing, analysis the sample according to the standard and guarantee the safety and stability of production quality. Rongsheng has long-term and stable quality control capacity

D. Procedures
Our process of production strictly accords with the procedures regulated by GMP and ISO quality system. In the light of the characteristics of the products and its own managerial experience, Rongsheng made a set of quality management regulation with its own features, the regulation was specified into standard operational procedures for each department and worker to abide by for each step. At the same time, Rongsheng conducts “Products Quality Trend Analysis” through a series of methods such as quality test data and quality review.

E. Inspection
Rongsheng is equipped with the most advanced test equipments, which can significantly enhance the rationality and accuracy of test. Meanwhile, employees of test department must also abide by the standard operational procedures made for them, thus to examine, monitor and verify the production environment, raw materials and products in different phases, and to conduct data management and analysis for innovation and improvement in the standardized practice.

F. Employees
Operational skills and understanding and attitude of employees towards quality are critical factors to determine the medicine quality. As for the requirements for employees, Rongsheng asks all of them to be technically skilled and pass GMP training. By doing so, the employees understand the importance of standard operational procedures and put them into daily work and form normative habit.Rongsheng strengthens the training and guidance for employees to intensify the consciousness that “quality is life”.